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A Ballet jump is when you do a three turn (on your right foot) , stick your left toe pick in the ice then hop up and down on your toe pick.

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Q: What is a ballet jump on ice?
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French word for jump in ballet?

Sauté is jump in ballet.

How do you know if your friend is lying about doing ballet and ice skating?

Take them ice skating or watch them do ballet.

What is the ballet term for a passe jump?

There is no Passe jump, if you turn it, it would be a peruette.

Why is contemporary so similar to ballet?

to acually do contemperary you have to learn how to do ballet. for ice scating if you dont know ballet it is going to be hard. ballet is like the core of jazz, modern, contemerary, ice scating and so many more.

How many feet do ballet dancers jump?

Usually anywhere from two inches (small leap) to 6 feet (large). The Russian ballet has male dancers who jump 15 feet

What is the word that is four letters and means ballet jump?


What is a arabesque in ballet?

it is a bend in the knees and a jump then you slide one of you feet down and jump and change your feet that is an arabesque

What is arabesque in ballet?

it is a bend in the knees and a jump then you slide one of you feet down and jump and change your feet that is an arabesque

Can a polar bear jump?

Yes, a polar bear can jump. A polar bear has to jump from ice cliff to ice cliff.

A jump from both feet landing in the same position in ballet?


What is a ballet jump with the legs together?

There are alot but I think your talking about a soté

How is Ice-Skating linked to Ballet?

You need the grace and point of ballet to be able to become a successful figure skater!!

What is sous-sous?

In ballet, it is a small jump beginning and ending in the fifth position.

What is the original variation of figure skating?

It's a split mix of hockey and dance (ballet specifically). Basically, girls used to do ballet, and some girls did hockey on ice. They finally created figure skating by combining the two, using the "on ice" in the hockey part, and the dancing in the ballet.

What is the name of a ballet jump with both legs bent?

Par de cha (step of the cat)

What are all the ballet steps?

All of the ballet steps are:cotepliejumpsissonebut one of them are not a ballet step gust what is is ?

Why are gymnastics and ice skating sports and not ballet?

Some people do consider ballet a sport (I do). the only reason it is not is because it does not have competitions. or does it? I'm not sure. i don't take ballet. if it does have competitions then I'm not sure why it is not considered a sport

What are some exercises figure skaters do?

Off ice? I was a figure skater and I did ballet and cardio for exercise. On the ice I did drills and figures.

What actors and actresses appeared in Carmen on Ice - 1990?

The cast of Carmen on Ice - 1990 includes: Sandra Bezic Robert Burk as Corp de Ballet Taylor Cabler as Corp de Ballet Heidi Crowthers as Corp de Ballet Kent Grice as Corp de Ballet Stephanee Grosscup as Corp de Ballet Mark Hird as Corp de Ballet Lynne Hoode as Corp de Ballet Cristina Hoyos as Special guest appearance Valerie Lavine as Corp de Ballet Sean McGill Amee McKenzie as Corp de Ballet Mark McVean as Corp de Ballet Lisa Nickelt as Corp de Ballet Brian Orser as Escamillo Jean Pierre Boyer as Corp de Ballet Otto Retzer as Zuniga Cheryl Richardson as Corp de Ballet Micheline Sally as Corp de Ballet Michael Shinniman as Corp de Ballet Janice Simjian as Corp de Ballet Joyce Stockman as Corp de Ballet Shelly Winter as Corp de Ballet Katarina Witt as Carmen

Who wrote the 1927 ballet based on Peer Gynt?

Grieg / The Ice Maiden

What place do you have to jump on the ice in animal jam to brEAK it?

it doesn't matter on which place do you jump , it just needs to be a lot of animals jumping and the ice will break

What is the name of ice skating leap?

Three Jump Or Waltz Jump x Three Jump Or Waltz Jump x

Is figure skating the same thing as ballet?

no and yes because figure skating is on ice plus they move around more ballet is on the floor but there is a lot of the same moves.

Do walruses jump out of the water?

They do not Jump, but rather haul out onto ice flows or land.

In figure skating what is an edge jump?

It's a jump where you take off on an edge, instead of with the toe-pick. For example: The loop is an edge jump because it does not involve putting your toe-pick into the ice. A flip is not an edge jump, because you take off with the toe-pick in the ice.