What is a ball carrier?

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A ball carrier is a person who carries an American football during a game.

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Q: What is a ball carrier?
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What is a ball carrier in basketball?

A ball carrier in basketball is a metal rack that used for storage of the basketball's. A ball carrier can also be mesh or in a bag form.

What direction must the ball must be passed in rugby?

The ball must be passed either in line with the ball carrier OR as is normally seen to the rear of the ball carrier. A ball thrown forward, dropped forward of the carrier or knocked forward of the ball carrier is a penalty offense

What positions do you stand when receiving the ball in rugby?

you may be in any position as a ball receiver as long as you are in line with the ball carrier or behind the ball carrier

Can you throw the ball in a rugby game?

Yes to the rear of the ball carrier, in line with the ball carrier and in the centre of the 2 teams when set for a line out

Is a ball carrier down if his knee lands on tackler?

No. To be considered down the ball carrier must make contact with the ground.

Can you trip with your foot in football?

No. Tripping by a blocker for the ball carrier or by a defender trying to tackle the ball carrier is illegal and is a 10 yard penalty.

How can disease transmission be traced to the original carrier?


Can you trip the ball carrier from behind in football?


What to do in a maul in rugby?

A maul occurs when the ball carrier is caught by the opposing side. The carrier will try to present the ball back toward his own side. When one of each side or more then attempt to fight to gain control of the ball a maul is formed . If the ball carrier falls to the ground it becomes a ruck

When is an NFL ball carrier considered 'down' if there has been no contact?

In the NFL a ball carrier must be touched to be considered down, otherwise they can get back up and continue running.

What is another word for ball carrier?

scrotum, sac, basket

Is a helmet hit below the knee a penalty hit?

it is not a penalty if the person you hit is the ball carrier. but it is however a penalty if the hit a lineman or any other non ball carrier.

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