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Q: What is a bad skateboard deck brand?
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Related questions

Is girl a good skateboard brand?

Girl is the best deck brand out there.

What is The most popular skateboard deck brand?

Zoo York

What brand of skateboard deck is the most strongest?

zero and planb

What are some good names for a skateboard deck brand?

what about lush

Is alien workshop a good skateboard deck?

It is the second best tech deck brand.

Is street grind a good skateboard brand?

Street grind is practically a bad brand. I suggest you to buy Hercules skateboard

Is blind a bad brand of skateboard?

It all depends on how you feel on it.

What is a fist desk?

There is no fist desk but you could mean fist deck. In which case:It can be a Fist Deck skateboard (Toy Machine brand).

Is redstar a good skateboard brand?

Redstar is a great skateboard brand. I have been skating redstar for like a month and it is great. I have redstar wheels trucks and deck and they all work really well!

What type of product is Tech Deck?

Tech Deck is a brand of miniature skateboard. It has all of the working parts of an average skateboard, but it is about the size of one's finger. They often have unique designs and owners use them to do tricks.

What is the bottom of a skateboard called?

The bottom of a skateboard is called a Deck .

What is the cheapest skateboard?

I saw the other day at Walmart you can buy a basic bad quality deck for $10.

Is an osprey pro skateboard good?

No,do not get one,I have one and it broke instantly! And the deck is very bad quality

What ia a tech deck?

A tech deck is a miniature skateboard.

What does 7.5 mean for a skateboard?

7.5 is the width in inches of the skateboard deck.

Where can you get a free skateboard deck online?


What is the best skateboard deck?


Skateboard deck size?


What do you call the bottom of a skateboard?


How does a Tech Deck look?

A tech deck just looks like a mini skateboard. It has all four wheels and mini trucks and pins and grip tape and a skate brand on the bottom.

What is the lightest skateboard deck made?

a blind

How thick is a skateboard?

the deck is 7 plys

What do you call the picture on the deck of a skateboard?

The graphic

Is a tech deck harder or a skateboard?

If you can skateboard, tech deck would be very, very, very...(you get what I say) easy, but if you can do tricks on tech deck it would be easier than just jump on skateboard straight away. Hoped I helped!

How can you tell if a Tech Deck skateboard is fake?

there is no such thing as a fake tech deck