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double header

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Q: What is a back to back basketball game called?
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Is the game of basketball called something else in other countries?


What are the people who control a basketball game called?

Refs :)

What game is played with crow?

yeah its called basketball.

What is a dead ball foul in a basketball game?

over the back.

Why the game called basketball?

When the game started, the net was made of waste paper baskets with holes in the bottom to allow a broom handle to poke up and get the ball back.

What is the square thing on the back of a basketball hoop called?

It is commonly known as a basketball backboard.

What is the action called that begins a basketball game?

Jump Ball

What was the Mayan basketball game called?

Pok ti pok

What is the foul called when a player is kicked out of the basketball game?


What kind game is it called and it begins with B?

Basketball is a game. It begins with the letter b.

What is it called to interrupt in a basketball game?

i believe its called interference i know the spellings wrong

How many quarters are in a basketball game?

Four, that's why they are called 'quarters.'

How many fouls are called in a high school basketball game?


What is the name of the person in charge of the game in basketball?

the name is called captain

What is the period called when the score is tied at the end of a basketball game?


Were on the basketball court is the game started?

in the middle which is called the tip off

What is it called when you throw the ball up to start a basketball game?

The tap

What do the numbers on the back of a Basketball Jersey go to?

players game positions

What starts a basketball game and what is it called?

A tip-off (It's also called jump ball)

Why is basketball called basketball?

For the first game of Basketball in 1891, two half-bushel peach baskets were used as the goals, which gave the sport its name.

What is longest game of hitting the ball back and forth?

Passing in soccer or basketball...I think

Which ancient culture played a game similar to basketball called ollamalitzli?

The Aztecs

The person that controls the game and calls out fouls is called what in the sport of basketball?

The referee

How many umpires are on the court in a basketball game?

they are called referees and there is 2 to 3

In a basketball game if the ball hits the backboard then goes into the basket what is this shot called?

It is called a "bank" shot.