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A "cheesehead" is someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Since Wisconsin is the cheese state and many of the bigger farms are in or near Green Bay, we are considered the cheeseheads. You will see many people wearing cheesehats at Packer games. If you go to a Wisconsin store you can also find cheese colsters, toys, hats, and more goodies involving cheeseheads or the Packers.

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Q: What is a Wisconsin cheesehead?
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Are you serious?! The cheesehead is the most famous symbol of the Packers. All of their fans wear cheeseheads because of the abundance of cheese in Wisconsin.

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The Green Bay Packers home state of Wisconsin, is very heavily immersed in Dairy operations, and in turn, lots of cheese manufacturers. People from Wisconsin, were then referred to as cheeseheads.... and rather than htink of it is a negative, they have embraced the title and don their cheesehead hats during the Packer football games.

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