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When a horse wins the race while having the lead throughout the entire race.

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Q: What is a Wire to wire win in horse racing?
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What is the literal meaning of down to the wire?

This is an expression from horse racing. A wire is strung across the race track and the first horse to reach it trips the camera which takes a photograph of the horse crossing the finish line. If the race is close, you don't know which horse will win until one of them actually trips the wire. The race is close right down to the wire. Such a race ends with a "photo finish" because the photograph is needed to decide which horse won.

Name of the last horse to win wire to wire at the Kentucky Derby?

winning colors

What is basketball Wire to Wire win?

A Wire to Wire win means that one team has led the entire game, from start to finish.

What is the best bet in horse racing?

You will.................WIN

What players led wire to wire to win the masters?

tiger woods

How do horse owners make money horse racing?

win money

What percentage of 2nd favorites win horse races?

Favorites win, on average, 33% of the time in horse racing.

What is a black horse in horse racing betting?

It means a horse that is not likely to win, or that the odds are stacked against him.

Who has gone wire to wire to win NCAA football champions?

FSU (the first, in 1999) and Southern Cal

Who has gone wire to wire to win ncaa football champions and year?

Florida State Seminoles, 1999

What does the phrase a racing certainty mean?

A horse in a race that is going to win. It is undoubted the horse will win. The horse cannot lose. It is a done deal. Nothing can prevent this event happening.

What is the rules of horse racing?

You want your horse to be the fastest and than you will win lol sorry i have to do more reaseach

What is each way in horse racing?

bet to win and place (2nd)

In which sport might a win be by a short half head?

horse racing

What is the name of the last horse to win racing's triple crown?


What is breaking a maiden in horse racing?

Breaking your maiden in horse racing means that you won your first race. Your maiden race is every race you enter until you win a race.

In horse racing how many lengths would a horse win by if they won by one second of time?

a neck length

Why are people so interested in horse racing?

probably either because they like horses or for the betting on which horse will win.

How do you win money gambling on Horse Racing?

first you make a bet on your horse. then you get your ticket. then you eithier watch your horse on tv or outside in the track.

In which sport might a win be a short half-head?

Horse racing I think ???????

In which sport might a win be by a short half-head?

Horse Racing

Who won the Daytona 500 in 2007?

Kevin Harvick, racing in the #29 Pennzoil car for Richard Childress Racing won the 2007 Daytona 500 in a down to the wire finish against Mark Martin. This was the first Daytona 500 win for Harvick and the first for Richard Childress Racing since the 1998 victory of Dale Earnhardt Sr. in the 500.

What sport can you win by a short half head?

I believe the only sports you can do that in is running (sprint racing) and horse racing

Where did a horse called smugglers joy win in the 1960s in british horse racing?

go and get some friends i wish you were dead

What horse event has the most prize money?

I'd have to say horse racing, if you're a good enough jockey to win.