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it could be in the thousands

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Q: What is a Vancouver canucks team signed hockey stick worth?
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1975-76 Vancouver Canucks NHL Hockey Team logo?

The Canucks wore the classic 'Stick in Rink' jerseys, which are similar to their current 3rd jerseys.

Who has the longest hockey stick in the NHL?

Vancouver Canucks defenceman Willie Mitchell. He also has the best nickname in the NHL. Bill Pickle.

When was the Canucks made?

The Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club dates back to 1945. From 1945 to 1970 it was a franchise in the Western Hockey League -- a league one tier down from the NHL. It was made up of farm teams for parent NHL clubs. For most of that duration, Vancouver was the No. 1 farm team of the New York Rangers. Their team logo was the "Johnny Canuck" emblem. In late 1969 Vancouver was awarded a NHL franchise (along with Buffalo) to commence the '70-'71 season. The Canucks dispensed with the Johnny Canuck logo in favour of a hockey stick laid against the outline of a rink. The Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup, having lost three times in the final series.

How many times did the Vancouver Canucks change jersey logos?

there is the vintage rectangle with hockey stick, the first, then the large V, then the skate and canucks logo, plus a reg black fade alternate. then we went to navy blue grey and red with the orca logo, then back to the vintage original jersey's, then the blue and green Canucks orca jersey's with Vancouver on them. so in total including 3rd jerseys. 7 times.

How much is a hockey stick signed by the 2005 Cornell University hockey team worth?

$0, because the stick was worth more before it was signed BECAUSE you cant prove the team signed it.

What is the value of a darryl sittler autographed hockey stick worth?

what is a signed darryl sittler hof hockey stick

What is the Value of a signed summit series hockey stick?

Please let me know, I have a signed hockey stick by entire team and signed program of Russian team. It has been preserved in shadow box for 25 years.

What is the value of a unique hockey stick signed by a player of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team?

What exactly is a "unique" hockey stick? Who signed it? There are so many variables that it is impossible to give a value based on the vague information you have provided.

How much is a signed Chris McAllister hockey stick?

$ 1000

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the 1938 Indian Olympic hockey team?

7,450 us dollars

What is the value of a game used hockey stick signed by Eric Lindros?

The value of a game used hockey stick signed by Eric Lindros actually depends on a number of things. The authenticity and condition of the stick would need to be taken into consideration when determining value.

Why did the Vancouver Canucks chose the word canuck?

When the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970, they took the team name "Vancouver Canucks" from the already existing WHL team, which had the name previously. My best guess as to why the team is name the Canucks, is because the term 'Canuck' used to be a slang term for 'Canadian'. I have always wondered why Vancouver's NHL team has used the name "Canucks" when its image hasn't ever wholly reflected that moniker. In '70-'71 when the team began playing in the NHL, its management discarded the traditional logo that identified the WHL Canucks team i.e. Johnny Canuck -- a French-Canadian " Canuck" logger wearing a toque and armed with a sawed-off hockey stick, menacingly pointed forward. Instead, Vancouver adopted an unimpressive logo featuring a plan view of an arena ice surface, placing across its face what was supposed to be a hockey stick. The stick more closely resembled a bent tongue depressor. Following several less than impressive seasons, management introduced the "Hallowe'en" uniform (black and orange patterns ), ostensibly to frighten the opposition -- something that never happened. That ridiculous uniform was discarded and eventually replaced by the best uniform the NHL team has ever worn (a winged skate with " Canucks" emblazoned on it). But true to form, the new management couldn't rest content with that sensible combination and chose to introduce the present Orca whale logo -- meaning that Vancouver should probably have changed it's name to the " Vancouver Orcas." Be sure of one thing : as long as the Vancouver franchise continues to struggle with its identity by employing confusing logos, I predict it will never win the Stanley Cup. They would do better to adopt the Johnny Canuck logo or revert back to the winged skate emblem, thereby more correctly identifying themselves as " Canucks." Surreyfan

How much is a signed hockey stick by the french connection worth?

800 000 DOLLARS

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the 1960 Indian olympic hockey team?

o ill buy it from u its worth 3720$

What is the value of a Chris Osgood signed hockey stick?

You owe $100 for having it.

What is the value of a ice hockey stick used by a pro?

it depends on how long you have had it and if they have signed it or not.

What is the value of a 1968 hockey stick signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs ?


1964 Indian field hockey stick signed by all the olympic players that won the gold how much is it worth?

hi i got one like your field hockey stick signed how much do you think the item could value?

What the value of the french connection single autograph hockey stick signed by them?

What is the value of a signed hockey stick by the Buffalo Sabres' French Connection?Read more: What_is_the_value_of_a_signed_hockey_stick_by_the_Buffalo_Sabres'_French_Connection

What is the value of a 1968 hockey stick signed by the Toronto maple leaf team?

Many of the hockey sticks are going to be worth a price close to $200 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the hockey stick.

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the Columbus Blue Jackets?

I purchased one signed by the inaugural team for 300$ but i suppose it depends on who signed it and the condition that it is in.

What is the value of a 1997 Red Wings signed mini hockey stick?

depends who autographed it

How much would a signed hockey stick from soel Olympics 1968 be worth?


I am looking for value of a hockey stick signed by 1964 maple leafs.?


What is the value of a Hespeler hockey stick signed by Doug Gilmour just before he made a stick brand change?

it is about 120 dollars