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The best answer is: Lancer

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Q: What is a Mounted Soldier?
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What is a mounted soldier called beginning with k?

A mounted soldier is called a knight. It begins with the letter k.

What is the name for Medieval mounted soldier?

Knight Serrant

What is a 7 letter word for Mounted soldier?


Is a knight a noun or verb?

Knight is a noun - a mounted soldier

What else is a cavalry soldier called?

Cavalry soldier: a mounted warrior, or trooper. In the Hungarian history they were called hussars (huszárok).

What is a lancer?

A soldier mounted on horseback that carries a long spear (lance)

What is a mounted soldier called who is positioned ahead of a force to serve as a scout?


What does a horse mounted soldier with the horse up on its hind legs symbolise?

Two raised hooves indicate that the soldier died in battle

What words start with uh?

Uhlan is a word that begins with UH. It means a mounted soldier with a lance.

What is a Medieval term for a mounted well-equipped soldier?

The heavily armed mounted soldiers were called knights in English. The old term was cataphracts. The word in French was chevalier, and in German it was Ritter.

Who was Sir Sam Steele?

A great frontier hero, Mounted Policeman and soldier of the Queen.

In Europe and the Americas horses are generally mounted on the left side so as not to interfere with what item that a soldier might carry?


Who created life size statue of soldier on horseback?

There are many statues of mounted soldiers. You will have to be more specific as to where the statue is located and who is the rider.

What is meant by the term carbine rifle?

A carbine is a shorter version of a rifle. Named after a mounted French soldier that carried a shorter rifle- a Carabeiner.

What is a homophone for night?

Night = the hours of darknessKnight = a mounted soldier in armour

What does horseman mean?

It means a man who rides horses. "He's a fine horseman" means he is a good rider. In military usage, the word can refer to a mounted soldier, a cavalryman.

What actors and actresses appeared in Iron Ridge - 2008?

The cast of Iron Ridge - 2008 includes: Randy Barrett as Carl Martin Dan Bertus as Jim Franklin Daryl Brumbaugh as Sam Stu Brumbaugh as William Price David Duesterbeck as Mounted Cavalry Soldier Bill Galt as Bill William Klundt as Police Officer 2 Ann Marie Witherspoon as Nurse Huck McGowan as Cavalry Rider Noah Scott as Police Officer 1 Jason Seibel as Dan Porter Tianta Stevens as Mindy Franklin Jadi Stuart as Jessica Price Don Super as Mounted Cavalry Soldier Brutus the Bear as The Grizzly Tyson Vandenacre as Mounted Cavalry Soldier Colt Walker as Iron Crow

What is the name of a roman soldier on horse back?

Good question. The Roman Calvary (In Latin: equites Romani) consisted of mounted soldiers called "Calvarymen". I hope I provided the answer you were looking for.

What were the difference between Medieval Kings and Medieval Knights?

Kings were rules of specific lands whilst Knights were normally men who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armour.

Why were mounted soldiers so important in medieval warfare?

Mounted soldiers whether they on horses, or chariots had the advantage of speed and greater maneuverability. Because they were higher up above the ground, they were slightly less vulnerable to the standard foot soldier weapons. This was a throwback to what earlier barbarians saw in the declining Roman legions.

Is knight correctly spelled?

The spelling "knight" is a medieval mounted or armored soldier, or the related honorary title. The homophone "night" is the period of daily darkness, as opposed to daytime.

What is the meaning of mounted?

of Mount, Seated or serving on horseback or similarly; as, mounted police; mounted infantry., Placed on a suitable support, or fixed in a setting; as, a mounted gun; a mounted map; a mounted gem.

What gun would the lancer from gears of war be if it were real?

There are no production firearms which feature a chainsaw bayonet. However, a soldier of the US Army - and, apparently, a bit of a Gears of War fan - did retrofit a chainsaw to be able to be mounted on a MIL-STD-1913 'Picatinny' rail, then mounted it on his privately owned AR15. See related link at the bottom of the page.

When did Soldier Soldier end?

Soldier Soldier ended in 1997.

When was Soldier Soldier created?

Soldier Soldier was created in 1991.

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