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play the game of Baseball, love the game and more!

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Q: What is a Major league baseball players job like?
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When did Major League Baseball players strike and why?

because they felt like it

How many Major League Baseball players have been banned for using steroids?

about 5% of MLB players or (Major League Baseball) players used or inject steroids. Some of the greats like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, ALex Rodriquez, Roger Clemens, Miguel Tejada, and Rafael Palmeiro. Thos are just some of the great players.

What were the sports like in the 1920s to 1930s?

major league baseball

Why aren't female baseball players allowed in the Major League Baseball?

Women are allowed in MLB, however, they are judged like men. It has just been the case to where no owner or General Manager has determined any womens skill sets are good enough to be on a major league team

Are there studies that demonstrate how major league baseball players compare in intelligence with athletes in other major sports?

I doubt it, who's gonna waste money on a study like that? then again there have been more rediculous studies out there..

Are Major League baseballs lighter than a regular baseball?

No major league baseballs are 5 ounces just like regular baseballs.

Who pitched the first no hitter in major league baseball?

becouse they like rainforest

What model are the bases in the Major League Baseball?

they are made like out of clay and plastic

If a baseball travels 70 mph at little league distane how fast would it travel at major league distance?

like 55 like 55

What kind of music do baseball players like?

Baseball players like "just the hits."

What are the two major baseball leagues?

the American League and the National League, lol, unless by league you mean like the MLB, then it would be the MLB and the NPB (japans major leagues) AL and NL

If you wanted to be the GM of a pro football or pro baseball team what should be your major in college and what are the colleges that have the best programs for that major?

Typically, General Manager positions in major sports are occupied by former players. Major League Baseball has recently hired college graduates that have not played professionally. They are typically Ivy League graduates.If there was a major that would most likely be used for a position like being a GM, it would be Business Management.

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