What is a Macdev Droid?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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The Macdev Droid is Macdevs premier spool valve marker. This marker boasts a 1200-1500 shot count per 68cu 4500 fill. A light build, and easy to maintain bolt system. Though it is rather expensive, it is one of the best markers in the business.

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Q: What is a Macdev Droid?
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The Macdev clone is the newest marker from the Macdev company. This spool valve style gun boasts 1700 shots per tank fill, a quiet system, and a custom milled body. The clone is looking to hit shelves November 2009

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The macdev cyborg is the first "closed open bolt system marker". Basically the standard open bolt is covered decreasing the spray affect and making it much quieter. The Cyborg is a prominent marker in paintball

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