What is a Macdev Clone?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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The Macdev clone is the newest marker from the Macdev company. This spool valve style gun boasts 1700 shots per tank fill, a quiet system, and a custom milled body. The clone is looking to hit shelves November 2009

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Q: What is a Macdev Clone?
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What is a Macdev Cyborg?

The macdev cyborg is the first "closed open bolt system marker". Basically the standard open bolt is covered decreasing the spray affect and making it much quieter. The Cyborg is a prominent marker in paintball

What is a Macdev Droid?

The Macdev Droid is Macdevs premier spool valve marker. This marker boasts a 1200-1500 shot count per 68cu 4500 fill. A light build, and easy to maintain bolt system. Though it is rather expensive, it is one of the best markers in the business.

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