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The reason a one iron is so hard to hit is because it has such little loft on it, which makes it hard to get the ball airbourne and also have any control over it. Even though a 3 wood would have less loft, they are designed with the centre of gravity in the best place to get the bair in the air and also give you moderate control.

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An iron is very important in the game of Golf. when you hit a iron you have better control over the club than a wood. Golf compines have come out with a mix of a iron and a wood called a hybrid. This club is alot easier to hit a wood. So take yourlong irons out of the bag and buy some hybrids.

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A mid iron is simply a medium lofted club, about a 5,6,7 or 8 iron.

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Q: What is a G iron in golf used for?
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What is a golf hybrid used for?

to replace a 3 iron or 4 iron

In which sport might you use a 5 iron?

A 5 Iron, or middle iron, is generally used for an average distance 170 yards for an average golfer.

In which sport would you use a'sand iron'?

A "sand wedge" is used in the sport of golf.

In which sport would you use a 'sand iron?

A "sand Iron" is a golf club (iron) designed to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap or bunker.

In golf what is the old name for an 8-iron golf club?

a nibley can be a 7 - 9 iron.

What g stands for?

G is Golf

What golf club did Tiger's girl used to break window?

Reports suggest it was a 9 iron.

What are some Important Golf Gadgets for a Beginner?

Important gadgets for a beginner:• A golf bag of any size, shape, colour, or vintage.• Fairway wood, driver, OR hybrid.• A 7-iron or any numbered iron• A wedge of any size or shape• A putter• A bag of tees• A dozen golf balls (the more the better)• Sunglasses• Baseball cap

Can a 9 wood replace a 6 iron in golf?

Not ideally. A 9 wood would replace a 5 iron, but could be used to replace a 6 iron if you so wanted.

What is the sport the term Iron associated with?

An iron is a type of golf club.

Where can you play golf?

Golf is played in a golf course. A typical golf course has 18 holes, however, smaller golf courses have 9 holes as well. Championship level golf courses are known to have even 27 or 36 separate holes.

How much iron is present in 4.06 g of iron(III) oxide?

4,06 g Fe2O3 contain 2,842 g iron.