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it's a type of tennis court which a has a clay surface. clay surface has a brown-red color and is a slower surface than, say grass or cement. if you want to see a clay tennis court just watch roland garros:)

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Q: What is a Clay - Floodlit tennis court?
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What is a floodlit tennis court?

It refers to tennis courts that are illminated for play after dark.

What tennis court is the slowest?

Clay courts are known to be the slowest tennis court.

How many clay court tennis tournaments are there?


French Open tennis is played on which court surface?


Who in men's tennis has most clay court titles?


French Open tennis is played which court surface?


What are the lawn tennis rules?

the same as hard court and clay!

Ground of tennis?

im not sure what you mean by this question but tennis is played on hard court, clay court and grass court for different opens

Can you win points in clay court tennis the same way you can in lawn?

it is exactly the same on clay hard court and lawn

What a pro tennis courts made of?

hard court clay court sinthetic grass court real grass court. :)

What tennis tournament would have your shoes covered in red dust?

Clay court.

Why is a tennis clay court called clay court when is actually a shale court. When and who decided to use the term clay instead of shale?

There is more than one type of tennis court and clay is one of them. There is shale stone brick and clay. Clay is more popular in Europe and Latin america, but is not used in the U.S.A. The material used in the U.S.A. green clay or rubico is commonly called clay but is not the same as other courts in Europe. Although cheaper to construct than other types of tennis courts, the maintenance costs of clay are high because the surface must be rolled to preserve flatness.

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