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depends on who it is if its a hall of fame card i would say about 100$ per card.

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Q: What is a 6 pack set of wcw and nwo cards worth?
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How many set of cards in a pack of card?

there are 4 sets of cards in a pack.

What do you call a set of cards beginning with p?

A set of cards is called a pack of cards. It begins with the letter p.

What pack of Pokemon cards can you get Palkia?

Try the platinum set

How much is a complete set of 1991 Maxx race cards worth?

$10-25 240 cards in the set

How much is a special 22 kt 12 card signed set 1985 through 1997 of Michael Jordan cards worth?

Unfortunately, I too thought that by now this set of cards might be worth something. It was a Gatorade promotion that produced these cards. If I remember correctly, you had to send the Gatorade proof of purchase to receive the set of cards, which many people did. So these cards are not all that rare. The entire set is only worth $28 dollars.

How much is return zombie worth in money Yugioh?

Return Zombie is worth next to nothing. It was easily one of the worst cards in the set it originally came out in, Premium Pack 1. Even though it is secret rare, PP01 only consisted of 15 cards, 8 were secret rare and you got two per pack. It was then reprinted as a common in Legendary Collection 4, and is worth even less in that form.

What is a 1991 complete set of topps football cards worth?

An unopened set of 1991 Topps 660 football cards is worth between $30 and $35. However, an set that has been collected and put together by an individual would be worth less.

How much is a 300 card set of 1992 Maxx Race Cards Worth?

A 300 card set of 1992 Maxx Race cards is worth about $13.00. This is providing all the cards are mint. You might get slightly more if the box is still in plastic.

What are Upper Deck Community Heroes cards worth?

It depends. The Aaron set is worth 7 dollars as well as the Ryan set. A Jackson set is worth 20 dollars.

How much is ET trading cards worth?

The verb "is" implies singular but the noun "cards" denotes plural. Do you want to know what a specific, single card is worth, a grouping of cards or the value of all cards in a complete set?

How much is a et trading cards worth?

The full set of ET trading cards lists for $25 in top condition. If your cards are damaged, they would be worth far less.

Nearly full set of 1995 futera cricket cards missing 7 cards from the set you were wondering how much they are worth?

A full set will sell for about $20 on ebay

What is the value of a set of 1991 Donruss baseball cards?

the 1991 Donruss set of 788 cards is worth about $20 dollars in mint condition.

What is a complete set of parkhurst 1951-52 hockey cards worth?

The answer is largely dependent on the condition the cards are in. Beckett price guide for hockey cards lists the set as being worth $12,000. However, you would be more likely to get somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000 if the set were in average condition.

What is the value of a topps cards 1969 complete set?

If you have cards 1-664 (which is considered the complete set), it's worth about $3,000 depending on condition. If you have cards 1-695 (the complete Master Set), it's worth around $5,000. This is according to Beckett, the most trusted source in sports cards.

What is the value of 1998 topps baseball card complete collection?

It depends on what set you have. I fyou have the complete set with 503 cards then it is worth between 40.00- 80.00 dollars. If you have the hobby set or the retail set with 511 cards then it is worth between 60.00- 120.00 dollars.

How much is a Super Bowl XXVI complete Pro Set of cards worth?

It is worth $9,000,000.

What is the value of a complete set of 1992 topps baseball cards?

The compleate set is worth $10.00

Value of a complete set of 1991 topps micro baseball cards?

The set of baseball cards are worth a price ranging from $5 to $10. The price may vary depending upon the condition of the cards.

How much is a set of Topps Black Gold baseball cards worth abcd set?

The year and condition can alter the value of the cards greatly. They usually go for over a hundred dollars a set.

Which box set baseball cards are worth the most?

topps Tiffany

How much is a set of kensitas silk cards worth?

about 200 pounds

How much is a set of 1994 mars attacks cards worth?


Are a complete set of upper deck baseball cards worth anything hologram team cards included?

yes they should be worth something but i am not sure how much though

How much is a 1994 babe Ruth metallic impressions cards worth?

i have the same set of cards and the value of them is from $5 to $15