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There is no such thing as a three star player in hockey you are probably referring to the three stars. After each game three players are chosen by media as the first, second and, third stars and they are the players of the game.

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Q: What is a 3 star player in hockey?
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What is the value of a 2000 hockey all star game poster autographed by Maurice Richard?

only the best hockey player ever will be

What hockey player starred in happy Gilmore?

He did not star but he was in the movie, Joe Sakic

Is Hockey Player an adjective?

in the term hockey player hockey is an adjective and player is the noun. Hockey is describing what type of player.

Is Liam Kretchmer A Famous Hockey Player?

Report On Liam Kretchmer: He is not just famous... he's a star.

What is an average player's salary in the New International Hockey league?

The average player's salary in the New International Hockey league is about 3 million Euros. This will vary depending on the team and the player experience mainly.

What is a famous female ice hockey player?

Hayley Wickenheiser was the captian of the Womans national team. She made the team as a 15 year old and a star was born. Likely the most famous female hockey player for a long time to come.

Why did Patrick Kane want to be a hockey player?

Patrick Kane probably wanted to be a hockey player because he loves hockey and loves to play hockey. Also he is a great hockey player.

What is the 3 letter first name of Tikkanen a hockey player?

Answer: Esa

What can you call an ice hockey player?

A hockey player

Which player was popular as the Wizard of Field Hockey?

Major Dhyan Chand of India was popular as the 'Wizard of Field Hockey'. He was the 'star player' of the 1928 and 1932 Gold Medalist Olympic Team of India. In 1936 Olympic, he was the Captain and once again won the Gold.

What do you call 3 assists in hockey?

A hockey player getting 3 assists in one game is said to have gotten a 'Playmaker'. Some people call it that, some people don't. I, personally, have played and watched hockey my entire life (I could skate before I could walk) and I have always known 3 assists by the same player in one game is known as a "Playmaker".

How much can a hockey player earn as a German hockey player?

Depends how good the player is.

What are the names of 3 types of hockey?

Pond Hockey, Knee Hockey, Floor Hockey, Roller Hockey, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey (Lacrosse), 3 on 3 Ice Hockey

Who makes more money a lacrosse player or a hockey player?


What actors and actresses appeared in Hockey Stars Summer - 1952?

The cast of Hockey Stars Summer - 1952 includes: Doug Bentley as Chicago Hockey Player Jack Gelineau as Boston Hockey Player Glen Harmon as Montreal Hockey Player Ted Lindsay as Detroit Hockey Player Harry Wismer as Commentator

How many hockey players go the hockey all-star game?

4 lines of 3 forwards for both of the coferences (eastern and western) 3 defensive pairings for each conference and 3 goalies for each which would be 21 per conference or 42 total

What does a hockey player do?

Plays hockey

When was National Hockey League All-Star Game created?

National Hockey League All-Star Game was created in 1947.

Who is the ugliest hockey player?

top 3 ugly hockey players: 1. Mike Ricci 2. Tim Hunter 3. Brent Sopel

What does a ice hockey player do?

They play hockey

Who was the best hockey player from Canada?

Wayne Gretzky is or was the best hockey player in the world.

Is rick Holmes a good hockey player?

yes he is a very good hockey player

Is Jake the best hockey player in Regina?

yes he is the best hockey player in Regina

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The cast of Destroyer - 2013 includes: Jared Abrahamson as Tyson Anson Aguire as Partygoer Belle Allen as Partygoer Alex Ambrosio as Hockey Player Maia Awstey as Partygoer Jose Barboza as Partygoer Tyler Burrows as Hockey Player Tanya Capri as Partygoer Dominic Chan as Hockey Player Rachelle Collette as Partygoer Daniel Conde as Partygoer Jordan Connor as Hockey Player Jake Croker as Hockey Player Silvija Dogan as Partygoer Tazio Ellis as Partygoer Amanda Escobar as Partygoer Kelsey Funk as Partygoer Taylor Ginetti as Hockey Player Widial Goalrech as Hockey Player Jordan Guevera as Partygoer Peter Hadfield as Partygoer Elysha Jackson as Partygoer Luke Jennings as Hockey Player Alicia Kaurinovic as Teenage girl Rogan Lovse as Hockey Player Melissa Makeiff as Partygoer Homam Malkawi as Hockey Player Adam Markovic as Hockey Player Kurt Max Runte as Coach Shayan Moallef as Partygoer Jade Parmisser as Partygoer Par Pouponneau as Partygoer Ty Ronning as Hockey Player Chelsea Rutledge as Partygoer Lukas Ryder as Partygoer Adan Salas as Partygoer Jennifer Somerstein as Partygoer George Somerwille as Partygoer Mitch Stookey as Partygoer Keely Sullivan as Partygoer Caroline Tapp as Partygoer Hari Vapheas as Hockey Player Felipe Vecino as Hockey player Jordan Waunch as Hockey Player Danny Zaporozan as Hockey Player Paula Zeroa as Partygoer

What is the salary of a pro hockey player?

It does vary but I think the minimum is something like a 3 year $.500M, but a super star like Ovechkin is signed to a 13 year $124 million contract, but in yearly increments, like I think $6M a year.