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Put it on eBay and find out. It's only worth what you can get someone to pay for it.

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Q: What is a 1961 Big Ten Championship basketball signed by the entire team worth?
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How much is a 1996 signed by tubby smith championship basketball worth?

whats it worth a 1996 championship U.K. basketball signed by Tubby Smith

What is a basketball signed by the 2005-2006 Miami Heat championship team worth?

About $ 50,000

How much is a basketball signed by the entire New Orleans hornets worth?

A lot of money. For a basketball signed by the entire team of the 09-10 season... the cost would be somewhere around 350-400. ""

How much would a chauncey billups signed championship hat be worth?

Chauncey Ray Billups is an American basketball player who played for the Detroit Pistons. A Chauncey Billups signed championship hat is worth $300 as of 2013.

What is the 1992 autographed Olympic Dream team basketball worth?

I've got a basketball signed by the entire dream team. current view is worth about $5,000.

How much is a basketball signed by the entire Mississippi State Final Four Basketball Team worth?

with proof about 100 bucks without proof like a picture is proof however much the ball is worth.

How much is a 1976 World Champion Boston Celtics autograph basketball signed by entire team worth?

4 regular ones

How much is a basketball signed by the 2005 University of Illinois basketball team worth?

It is worth 100 dollars

What is a Kobe Bryant signed basketball worth?


What is a basketball signed by ron artest worth?


What is a signed Kobe basketball worth?

Roughly $227.75

How much is a autographed basketball worth?

It depends on who signed it.

How much is your basketball worth Detroit pistons 1989-1990 championship basketball?


What is a skybox basketball card signed by Michael Jordan worth?

that is worth nothing

What is the value of a Mike Bibby signed basketball?

A Mike Bibby signed basketball could be worth upwards of $600. That is very valuable and if signed by him during his Sacramento Kings era, than worth even more.

How much ia a signed Michael Jordan's North Carolina basketball worth?

How much is a signed Micheal jordan Senior year at North Carolina basketball card worth?

How Much is a Lebron James Signed Basketball Worth?


What is a signed basketball shoe by alonzo mourning worth?


What is a Michael Jordan Wilson signed basketball worth?


How much is a signed Ginobili basketball worth?

it would be about 1,500 dollars

How much is a signed Paul Showtime Gaffney Basketball worth?

the memory

How much would a bulls basketball be worth signed by whole 2009 team?

100 bucks or less because the 2009 bulls didnt even come close to winning the championship that year.

How much is an autographed 1994 NCAA championship Arkansas Razorbacks basketball worth?


How much is a 2001 - 2003 Orlando Magic Signed basketball worth?

it is worth 1 dollar

How much is Magic Johnson signed basketball worth?

500 hundred dollars