What is a 'roll' in basketball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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you mean like when the move there hands in a circle?

if so it means traveling which they moved their piviot foot with out dribbling the ball.

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Q: What is a 'roll' in basketball?
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How do you be a basketball?

you turn your self into a ball and roll up to someone

What are three basketball plays?

give and go pick and roll clear out

Why do basketball players roll the basketball on the inbounds?

To save time as the clock doesn't start until someone touches the ball.

Can a player roll the basketball on the floor?

A player can actually roll the basketball too another player. You often see this on an out-of-bounds play when one team doesn't want the clock to start right away.

Does a basketball roll faster on a smooth surface or a rough surface?

on a smooth surface

What could you do to determine whether a softball will roll down a hill faster than a basketball?

a softball becaues it has lest mass than a basketball

How do you get replacement parts for a Harvard Basketball Roll A Score table?

How do i get the score keeper replaced

What are the two best sports?

Netball and Swimming

Field goal Zone Pick and Roll Which sport uses all these terms?

Basketball If you don't believe me google it !

Does a rubber basketball roll farther than a leather one?

never! they both have the same mass.

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What are the stratergies in basketball?

Strategies-use plays. Some simple plays are Screen, Pick and Roll, Isolation etc.