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Uruguay has many sports, Football (soccer), Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, and Motor Sports.

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Q: What is Uruguay's sport?
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Related questions

What is Uruguays most played sport? Football. Basketball, Rugby, and tennis are other popular sports in Uruguay.

What is Uruguays culture?

south american

Which team is Uruguays rival?


What is Uruguays national tree?

The ceibo.

What is Uruguays terrain?

what are uruguay's terrain

What are Uruguays neighbors?

Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

What is Uruguays capital?

Montevideo. It's in the south of the country.

Who is Uruguays manager of their football team?

Oscar tabarez

What days do Uruguays go to school?

Monday to Friday.

What colour is Uruguays football kit?


Uruguays average household has how many people?

2-3 personas

What is Uruguays rgligion?

Uruguay has no official religion. All religions are accepted.

Where is Uruguays capitol located?

On the south of the country, it's called Montevideo.

Which player netted Uruguays winning penalty in the shoot-out with Ghana?

Sebastian Abreu

What is the color of Uruguays football shirt?

The colour of Uruguay's football shirt is light blue.

How much percent of European descent makes up Uruguays population?

According to Wikipedia, 88%.

Who is Uruguays world cup captain?

Diego Lugano is the current captain of Uruguay National team.

What is Uruguays currncay?

If you mean currency? Its Uruguayan Peso ! Hope That is what you meant!

What is the name of Uruguays river?

There are numerous rivers - one named Uruguay River. The link below will give you further information.

What is Uruguays best finishing position at a FIFA World Cup?

Uruguay has been the world champion twice: 1930 and 1950.

What is Uruguays most southerly point?

Uruguay's most southerly point (according to Google Earth) is Punta del este

What is uruguays currency compared to United States currency?

As of December 29th, 2009 one Uruguayan Peso is 0.05 US Dollars.

What is Uruguay's people like?

uruguays people is like they have their own distinctiv music forms the two unique forms are the candombe and the murga

What is Uruguays national bird?

Uruguay's bird is El Hornero which means the Ovenbird if you want more info go to:

When is Uruguays autumn?

As Uruguay is in the southern hemisphere autumn starts around March 21st every year and goes until around June 21st.