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Q: What is Tony Romos career win-loss record against the Philadelphia Eagles?
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Against what team did Emmitt Smith do his career best?

Philadelphia Eagles .

What team did Micheal Irvin end his career against?

Philadelphia Eagles

What team did Michael irvin suffer his career ending injury against?

Irvin suffered a spinal cord injury that ended his career in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999.

Against what team did emmit smith have a career best 237 yard rushing?

Philadelphia eagles

Against what team did Emmitt Smith have a career best 237 yard rushing?

Philadelphia Eagles

What game did Michael irvings career ending injury occur?

The game was against the Philadelphia Eagles. Bobby Taylor delivered the fatal hit.

Winning percentage for Philadelphia Eagles?

Roughly 49% - their career record is 540-581-26

How many times have the eagles played against the packers?

The packers suck first of all. And they have played the eagles 24 times in packer career

Did Donovan Mcnabb ever retire from football?

No, he's played his whole career for the Philadelphia Eagles. he's never attempted to retire.

How much does Andy reid make a year?

3,500,000 as the phildelphia eagles head coach

What team was Walter Payton playing against when he surpassed 15000 career rushing yards?


Where did Koy Detmer play in his NFL career?

He played with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1997 to 2006. He was signed in 2007 by the Minnesota Vikings for a couple of days.