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point guard

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Q: What is Steve Nash's position on the basketball court?
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What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What does martin say to Steve Morris when he knocks down a kid on the basketball court how does Steve react?


What is the 7 poisition of the basketball?

There is no 7th position in basketball. There are only 5 people on the court at once.

Where do the officials position themselves in half court basketball game?

at the sideline

Why is the center in basketball always the tallest position on the court?

At the Center Court position, the tallest player has the best advantage to score points, and rebound, due to their height.

Wing and their position on the basketball court?

the big circle that covers the free throw line

Who is traditionally the tallest player on the basketball court?

Traditionally the Center position is played by the tallest player.

Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.