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Shonn Greene is number 23 on the Tennessee Titans.

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Q: What is Shonn Greene's number on the Tennessee Titans?
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What NFL team does Shonn Greene play for?

Shonn Greene plays for the Tennessee Titans.

What position does Shonn Greene play?

Shonn Greene plays Running Back for the Tennessee Titans.

What is the birth name of Shonn Wiley?

Shonn Wiley's birth name is Shonn Eric Wiley.

How tall is Shonn Wiley?

Shonn Wiley is 6'.

How tall is Shonn Gregory?

Shonn Gregory is 5' 11".

What nicknames does Shonn Wiley go by?

Shonn Wiley goes by Shonathan.

How tall is Shonn Greene?

NFL player Shonn Greene is 5'-11''.

When was Shonn Bell born?

Shonn Bell was born on 1974-10-25.

When was Shonn Greene born?

Shonn Greene was born on 1985-08-21.

When was Shonn Wiley born?

Shonn Wiley was born on May 18, 1977.

What college did NFL player Shonn Greene play for?

NFL player Shonn Greene played for Iowa.

How much does NFL player Shonn Greene weigh?

NFL player Shonn Greene weighs 233 pounds.

Is Shonn Greene going to stay in college or go to the NFL?

If I were Shonn greene, "show me the money baby" i wouldn't waste my time in college wen you could be making six figures or more. but i hope shonn does stay. hes a stud

Who is Shonn Greene's Mother?

S. Hollimon She lives in Camden NJ

How many 100-yard rushing games did Shonn Green have in 2008?

all of them. he's a beast.

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What running back had the most running yards in 2008 season?

2008/2009 season: Pro: 1. Adrian Peterson - 1760 yards 2. Michael Turner - 1699 yards College: 1. Donald Brown - 2083 yards 2. Shonn Greene - 1850 yards

Running Backs in the NFL from the Big Ten?

Lawrence Maroney - Minnesota Marion Barber - Minnesota Shonn Greene - Michigan State Mike Hart - Michigan theres probably more that's just of the top of my head

Does my Fantasy Football team suck butt or what QB Jay Cutler WR Roddy White Lance Moore Mike Wallace RB Steven Jackson Jamaal Charles TE Brent Celek WR RB Shonn Greene K MattPrater DEF Oakland?

good lineup

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Who will the Jets draft in 2010?

I don't think Mike Tannenbaum's interested in another running back. Although Jets running back situation is a is in a state of flux with Leon Washington returning from compound fracture, rookie Shonn Greene learning to hold onto the football and a young 32-year old Thomas Jones looking for a new contract, I don't think running back is their greatest need. Jets have the #1 rushing offense, largely due to play of Fanaca, Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Tony Richardson and Coach Callahan's zone blocking schemes. Unless Clemson RB, C.J. Spiller drops in their lap (Projected in the top 10-15), Jets will look for Cornerback to play opposite [Darrell] Revis Island or 3-4 Defensive End they are hoping Vernon Gholston would be, could be. Team needs include offensive and defensive line and safety. Maybe Wide Receiver, but I'm thinking Jets will resign Braylon Edwards if he doesn't over-price himself. Also, an Inside Linebacker opposite David Harris will tighten up the gut.

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