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The leading amount of runs minus the least amount

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Q: What is Run differential in baseball?
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What is the worst run differential in Major League Baseball history?

The largest run differential in MLB history is with the 1939 New York Yankies with a +441. The largest in recent years is the 1998 Yankies with +309.

What is the most runs a baseball team has lost bye?

In 2007 the Baltimore Orioles lost at home to the Texas Rangers, 30-3. 27 runs is the biggest run differential in a single regular-season Major League baseball game.

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What is a point in a baseball game?

A point in the game of baseball is called a "run".

Has there ever been half of a run in baseball?

No..there is no such thing as a half-run in baseball.

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home run

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Baseball is to football

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