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Riley Cooper is number 14 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Q: What is Riley Cooper's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?
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What NFL team does Riley Cooper play for?

Riley Cooper plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does Riley Cooper play?

Riley Cooper plays Wide Receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who is number 14 for philidalphia eagles?

Riley Cooper, Wide Receiver out of Florida.

Does prejudice exist in the NFL?

Based on the off season rant of Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper, which was caught on video and posted online, I would say yes, prejudice does exist in the NFL.

Who was the first person to be drafted into the NFL?

The first person drafted into the NFL was Jay Berwanger by the Philadelphia Eagles but he chose not to play. The first person to actually sign and play was Riley Smith who signed with Washington Redskins.

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When and where was baseball player George Riley born?

George Riley was born October 6, 1956, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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What is Riley Nash's number on the Carolina Hurricanes?

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What is Perry Riley's number on the Washington Redskins?

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What is Riley Reiff's number on the Detroit Lions?

Riley Reiff is number 71 on the Detroit Lions.

How many white players on the Philadelphia Eagles 2010?

There were 11 White players on the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles roster:#2 David Akers#3 Mike Kafka#4 Kevin Kolb#6 Sav Rocca#14 Riley Cooper#32 Owen Schmitt#46 Jon Dorenbos#55 Stewart Bradley#77 Mike McGlynn#79 Todd Herremans#89 Garrett Mills

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