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The motto of Pensby Sports College is 'Partnership in Pursuit of Excellence'.

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Q: What is Pensby Sports College's motto?
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What is the motto of Pensby Sports College?

Pensby Sports College's motto is 'Courage, Faith, Honour'.

When was Pensby Sports College created?

Pensby Sports College was created in 1950.

What is the motto of Pensby High School for Girls?

Pensby High School for Girls's motto is 'Live to Learn, Learn to Live'.

What is the population of Pensby?

The population of Pensby is 6,900.

What is City Colleges's motto?

City Colleges's motto is 'Professional Education'.

What is the motto of Colleges in Sandwell?

The motto of Colleges in Sandwell is 'Partners in Continuous Learning'.

When was Pensby High School for Girls created?

Pensby High School for Girls was created in 1950.

What is Community Colleges of Spokane's motto?

Community Colleges of Spokane's motto is 'Dream. Discover. Do!'.

What is the motto of Jaya Group of Colleges?

The motto of Jaya Group of Colleges is 'Your success is our service'.

What is the motto of Malayan Colleges Laguna?

The motto of Malayan Colleges Laguna is 'Excellence and Virtue'.

What is Golden West Colleges's motto?

The motto of Golden West Colleges is 'Soaring high'.

What colleges have sports in San Antonio?

There are a few colleges that have sports. All colleges have some kind of sports.

What is Northwestern Visayan Colleges's motto?

Northwestern Visayan Colleges's motto is 'A student on the lead is an NVCians'.

What is Indo Global Colleges's motto?

Indo Global Colleges's motto is 'शिक्षा संस्कृति जीवतम'.

What is The Sports Network's motto?

The Sports Network's motto is 'Canada's Sports Leader'.

What is Punjab Group of Colleges's motto?

The motto of Punjab Group of Colleges is 'Enter to learn, leave to serve!'.

What is Unida Christian Colleges's motto?

Unida Christian Colleges's motto is 'For a Better Philippines, for the Glory of God!'.

What is the motto of Vermont State Colleges?

The motto of Vermont State Colleges is 'Scientia est lux lucis'.

What is California Community Colleges System's motto?

The motto of California Community Colleges System is 'Empowering community colleges through leadership, advocacy, and support'.

What are sports colleges?

Sports colleges are schools that specialise in sport

What is the motto of Cesar Ritz Colleges?

Cesar Ritz Colleges's motto is 'Excellence in Hotel and Tourism Management Education'.

What is the motto of Associated Catholic Colleges?

The motto of Associated Catholic Colleges is 'Excellence Honour and Fairness in Student Sport'.

What is Carlton Sports's motto?

Carlton Sports's motto is 'Specialists at Speed'.

What is the motto of Sports Management Worldwide?

The motto of Sports Management Worldwide is 'Sports Jobs Start Here'.

What is Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines's motto?

The motto of Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines is 'Deum et Patriam Serviam'.