What is Ohio state's bowl record?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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As of the 2009 game that Ohio State won 21-10, the Wolverines lead the series 57-43-6.
A lot of the Ohio State losses were before 1950. Since 1950 Ohio State leads 31-27- 2

Michigan won or tied the first 15 games. OSU beat Michigan for the first time in 1919.

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They never lose cause they are awesome and Coach Jim Tressel is the top of the line coach so yeah go buckeyes

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Ohio State has been to a Bowl game 44 times. Their first appearance was in the Rose Bowl in 1921 and their most recent appearance was the Orange Bowl in 2014.

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6 wins and 1 loss

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Q: What is Ohio state's bowl record?
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What is Ohio State's Bowl record through 2010?

Ohio State has 9 BCS appearances(most), 6 wins and 3 losses. Ohio State is 20-22 in bowl games all-time.

Who won more bowls Michigan wolverines or Ohio State buckyes?

Michigan has played in 41 bowl games with a record of 20-21-0. Ohio State has played in 42 bowl games with a record of 19-23-0.

What is Arkansas Record Against Ohio State?

Arkansas and Ohio State have never met on the gridiron prior to the January, 2011 Sugar Bowl.

What team won the Rose Bowl six times?

Through the 2011 Rose Bowl Game ... USC has played 33 times (record is 24-9), Michigan has played 20 times (record is 8-12), and Washington and Ohio State have played 14 times (Washington's record is 7-6-1 and Ohio State's record is 7-7).

What is NC States bowl record?

13 wins, 11 losses, 1 tie.

How many bowl games has Ohio State won?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Ohio State's win loss record in bowl games is 18-20.

How many people watched Super Bowl XLVI?

A record 111.3 million people in the United States watched Super Bowl 2012.

Who has the most bowl appearances and bowl wins Michigan or Ohio State?

As of the 2008 season, both Ohio State and Michigan have 39 bowl appearances. Michigan has 19 bowl wins and Ohio State has 18 bowl wins.

How many times has Ohio State University been to the Rose Bowl?

11 with only one national championship in 1960.

When was Record-Courier - Ohio - created?

Record-Courier - Ohio - was created in 1830.

Who has had the most bowl appearances and bowl wins - Tennessee or Ohio State?

dont dot the i, cross the t.From 1891 thru 2004 Tennessee is 24 - 21 in Bowls. From 1890 thru 2004 Ohio State is 17 - 19 in Bowls. I? T? Irrelevant. Alabama holds the record with 56 bowl appearances as of 2008 with 31 wins.

Who has the most bowl appearances and wins?

most appearance in a superbowl is the cowboys with a record of 5 and 3. the most superbowl wins goes to the Pittsburgh steelers 6-1. with the SF 49ers rounding out the top 3 with a record of 5-0