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Arkansas and Ohio State have never met on the gridiron prior to the January, 2011 Sugar Bowl.

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Q: What is Arkansas Record Against Ohio State?
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What is Ohio State record against Miami?

Ohio State has 2 wins and one loss against the University of Miami and a record of 2 wins and no loses against Miami of Ohio.

What is Nebraska's football record against Ohio State?

2-0 Ohio State

What is Tom Bradys record against Ohio state?


When is the last time Ohio State beat an SEC school in a bowl game?

Should Ohio State defeat Arkansas in the 2011 Sugar Bowl, if would be their first bowl victory over an SEC team. Prior to the 2011 Sugar Bowl, Ohio State's record in bowl games against the SEC is 0-9.

What is Ohio states football record against Michigan?

The overall record for Ohio State in the Michigan series is: 43 wins 57 losses 6 ties

Ohio State record against Penn State?

Teams have played each other 25 times. Ohio State 13 wins, Penn State 12 wins.

What is the record between Penn State and Ohio State in football?

As of the 2008 season, Ohio State leads the all time series against Penn State, 12-11.

What is Penn States win loss record against Ohio State in football?


Is little rock in Ohio?

Little Rock is not in Ohio, it is in the state of Arkansas. Little Rock is the capital city of Arkansas.

What is Alabama's lifetime record against Ohio state?

As of the 2008 season, Alabama and Ohio State have met three times with Alabama winning all three games.

What state are the Duggars from?

Arkansas .............................. Michelle was originally from Ohio

What was the 2002 Ohio state football team record?

The Ohio State Buckeyes 2002 Record was 14-0

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