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The Joyce Center

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Q: What is Notre Dame's basketball stadium called?
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What players were on notre dames football team 1982?

can somebody send me a copy of notre dames football teams 1982 roster

What is Notre Dames mascot?

Fighting Irish

Who is notre dames biggest rivals?


What was notre dames record for football in 2008?

what was notre dame football record in 2008

When was notre dames last bown win?


What is the name of Notre Dame's football stadium?

Notre Dame Stadium

Who was Notre Dames leading tackler in 2006?

Maurice Crum

What was notre dames first mascot?

Irish Terrier (Dog)

When did the Notre Dame stop being built?

the beginning of Notre Dames construction was in 1163 and was completed in 1345

The Leprechaun was named Notre Dames official mascot in what year?


What is the seating capacity of Notre Dame Stadium?

Notre Dame Stadium has a seating capacity of 80,795 people.

Who is Notre Dames career passing yardage leader?

brady Quinn 2003-2006

How did the notre dame cathedral get its name?

Well, Notre Dame means Our Lady. It is named after the Virgin Mary. You have tons of Notre Dames globally. It is for Our Lady. Notre Dame de Paris means Our Lady of Paris.

How many seats are in each row at notre dame stadium?

how many seats row 21 section 13 notre dame stadium

How many rows in upper level of Notre Dame stadium?

There are 26 rows in the upper deck of Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend.

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

What team has the most wins at Notre Dame stadium?

Notre Dame because they play their the most!

Where is the worlds smallest football stadium?

Notre Dame

Who is Notre Dames career rushing yardage leader?

Jerome Bettis Nope. Autry Denson 1995-98

How many rows are there in Notre Dame stadium?

several many. :)

Are the Notre Dame de Paris and the university of Notre Dame connected?

Only insofar as both are dedicated to Our Lady (St. Mary, mother of Jesus). The Cathedral of Paris is by no means unique; the majority of French cathedrals are Notre Dames.

Does tom coughlin have a son-n-law who is a football player?

yes. he plays for notre dames college football team

What is the most recognizable NCAA football uniform?

the old school boxer aka the fighting irishmen on Notre Dames uniforms

How many rows in Notre Dame stadium?

58 in lower bowl

How many people does notre dame football stadium hold?