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Manchester United do not have a team motto.

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Q: What is Manchester United's team motto?
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What is Manchester united team motto?

Manchester United do not have a team motto.

Who is Manchester uniteds rival?

Manchester city

Who was the Manchester Uniteds legendary captain between 1997 and 2005 who most trophies in the Manchester Uniteds history?

roy keane

Who is Manchester uniteds main rival?

Manchester city

Who is Manchester Uniteds latest singer?

Manchester United does not employ singers.

What was Manchester uniteds club currently called?

It is called Manchester United.

When was Manchester uniteds last home defeat?

against manchester city

Who is Manchester uniteds best player?

Wayne Rooney Manchester united no.1

What was Manchester uniteds nickname?

The Red Devils

What stadium is Manchester uniteds?

Old Trafford.

What nationality is Manchester uniteds Fabio?


Who is Manchester uniteds new sponsor?

abunch of jews

What is Manchester uniteds turnover?

79 pence a year

What is Manchester uniteds mascot called?

Fred the red!!!

Who is Manchester Uniteds biggest rival?

Accrington Stanley

Who is Manchester uniteds captain in 2010?

Gary Neville

What is Manchester uniteds stadium called?

old trafford

What is Manchester Uniteds most successful year?

Manchester united most succesful year was 1999

Where is the location to Manchester uniteds stadium?

New Dehli I think

Manchester uniteds best player?

wayne rooney by far

Is there black shorts to Manchester uniteds home kit?

No, Manchester United's home kit shorts are white.

Who is the present Manchester united centre back?

The present Manchester Uniteds center back is Rio Ferdinand and Vidic.

What was Manchester uniteds lowest league position ever?

Manchester were relegated once, so they finished at the bottom three.

What did Manchester uniteds old logo look like?

this is the 1970 badge

Who holds the record for most Manchester uniteds appearances?

Ryan Giggs