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Q: What is Lee Chong Wei victory in year 2008?
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Dato' lee Chong wei who is lee Chong wei lee Chong wei profile biodata lew Chong wei biodata lee chomg wei asal usul lee Chong wee lee Chong wei biography when Chong wei birthday lee c?

Italy, India and the Ukraine.

When did he started dating Wong Mew Choo?

Your 'he' Means Lee Chong Wei ? well , if it's Lee Chong Wei then , They dated since the year of 1999

How Lee Chong Wei success?

Lee chong Wei have been the most talented player in Malaysia'badminton history.he is the 2010 all England champion,2008 Olympic silver medalist as well as 2010 Asian games silver medalist.Lee Chong Wei is famous for his fitness and very good defence.however lee chong wei have only a forever nemesis,Lin Dan.

What is lee Chong wei's full name?

Lee Chong Wei's full name is just like that, LEE CHONG WEI. Unless you want to call him by his granted title, which is Dato' Lee Chong Wei.

What is the contributions to society from lee Chong wei?

Lee Chong Wei is the name of a professional badminton player who hails from Malaysia. His contributions to society include winning the silver medal in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games.

When was Chong Moon Lee born?

Chong Moon Lee was born in 1928.

Datuk lee Chong wei?

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a badminton player for Malaysia

When was Lee Chong Wei born?

Lee Chong Wei was born on October 21, 1982.

What is lee Chong wei favorite food?

datuk lee chong wei favourite food

What is Lee Chong Wei's birthday?

Lee Chong Wei was born on October 21, 1982.

Is Lee Chong Wei a Malaysian?

Yes, Lee Chong Wei was born in Perak, Malaysia.

When was Lee Chong-Kap born?

Lee Chong-Kap was born on 1920-03-18.

Where can you find Lee Chong Wei's biodata?

You can find Lee Chong Wei's biography at the related link.

Where did lee Chong wei come from?

Datuk Lee Chong Wei come from Berapit, Penang Malaysia

Dimanakah Datuk Lee Chong Wei dilahirkan?

di mana kah dato lee chong wei

How old is Lee Chong Wei?

Lee Chong Wei is 28 years old (birthdate: October 21, 1982).

Who won the badminton sliver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

The Malaysian badminton Datuk lee Chong wei won the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Biodata Lee Chong Wei dalam bahasa Melayu?

manakah biodata lee chong wei

Apakah Jasa Lee Chong wei terhadap negara Malaysia?

apakah jasa lee chong wei terhadap negara

What is the contributions of lee Chong wei to Malaysia?

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a silver medalist in both the 2012 and 2008 Olympic Games, thus becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men's singles event and ending Malaysia's Olynpic medal drought since the 1996 Games.

Who is lee chong wei father?

Lee Ah Chai :)

What racket does Lee Chong Wei use?

Lee Chong Wei uses yonex armortec 900plc. This is a limited version of armortec 900 power.

Sumbangan Lee Chong Wei?

lee chong wei telah mengharumkan nama negara dengan memenangi pelbagai anugerah yang melibatkan badminton .coklat

What height is lee Chong wei?


Is lee Chong wei married?