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Kirk Hinrich is number 12 on the Chicago Bulls.

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Q: What is Kirk Hinrich's number on the Chicago Bulls?
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Who is number 12 on the Chicago Bulls?

Kirk Hinrich wears jersey number 12 for the Chicago Bulls.

Who is the most renowned player on Chicago Bulls with the number 23?

Kirk Hinrich duhhh......

What NBA team does Kirk Hinrich play for?

Kirk Hinrich plays for the Chicago Bulls.

What position does Kirk Hinrich play?

Kirk Hinrich plays shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls.

How many times did Kirk Hinrich lead the Chicago Bulls in assists out of the 6 games they played in the 2006 Playoffs?


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What is Kirk Hinrich best known for?

Kirk Hinrich is best known for being a player in the National Basketball Association. He is an eleven year veteran who has played for several teams. He is most widely recognized for his major contributing role on the Chicago Bulls teams throughout the past decade. He is also known for being a shooting specialist from behind the three point line as well as a gritty defensive basketball player.

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Who plays on Chicago Bulls basketball team?

Marco Belinelli,Carlos Boozer,Jimmy Butler,Daequan Cook, Luol Deng,Taj Gibson, Richard Hamilton,Kirk Hinrich,Nazr Mohammed,Joahkim Noah,Vladimir Radmonovic,Nate Robinson,Derrick Rose,Marquis Teague,Malcom Thomas

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