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Kevin Minter is number 51 on the Arizona Cardinals.

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Q: What is Kevin Minter's number on the Arizona Cardinals?
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What NFL team does Kevin Ozier play for?

Kevin Ozier plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What NFL team does Kevin Minter play for?

Kevin Minter plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What position does Kevin Minter play?

Kevin Minter plays Line Back for the Arizona Cardinals.

What position does Kevin Ozier play?

Kevin Ozier plays Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

What is Kevin Siegrist's number on the St. Louis Cardinals?

Kevin Siegrist is number 46 on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who did Kevin Butler play soccer for?

Kevin Butler was a placekicker for the Chicago Bears (1985-95) and the Arizona Cardinals (1996-1997).

Who will be Arizona Cardinals quarterback for the 2011-2012 season?

If Kevin Kolb gets traded to Arizona, then him. If not, John Skelton or Max Hall

Who is the NFL team Arizona Cardinals quarterback?

kevin kolb, and the back up is john skelton

Who quarterbacked for the Arizona Cardinals?

It is John Sketon, but he got injured in game one so Kevin Kolb came in and finished the game for the Cardinals win. John Skelton is still the first string QB

Where was Chicago Bears kicker Kevin Butler born?

Kevin was born in Savannah, GA on July 24, 1962. He attended the University of Georgia. After leaving the Bears in 1996, he also kicked for the Arizona Cardinals.

What teams has Kevin Kolb played for?

Since his NFL draft in 2007, Kevin Kolb has played on the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he debuted on, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Buffalo Bills. Kolb is currently the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

What MLB team does Kevin Siegrist play for?

Kevin Siegrist plays for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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