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Q: What is Kansas university state number in men basketball?
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What is the phone number of the Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas?

The phone number of the Kansas State University is: 785-532-6294.

Basketball was invented in what state?

Basketball was invented Kansas by Dr. Naismith, a professor at KU. The University of Kansas' basketball arena is named the Dean A. Naismith Fieldhouse.

When was the last time Kansas State beat the University of Kansas?

For records like this, go online and check the Kansas or Kansas State basketball media guide for 2009/2010.

When was the last time kansas State university wildcats men's basketball team played Wichita state university men's basketball team?

They played during the 2003-2004 season. Kansas State beat Wichita State 54-50 at home on December 10, 2003.

When was Kansas State University created?

Kansas State University was created in 1863.

What state is the university of Kansas in?


What state is Kansas State University in?

Manhattan, Kansas

What has the author Tim Fitzgerald written?

Tim Fitzgerald has written: 'Kansas State Wildcat handbook' -- subject(s): History, Kansas State University, Kansas State Wildcats (Basketball team), Kansas State Wildcats (Football team), Miscellanea, Sports

What are the major colleges and universities in Kansas?

The University of Kansas Kansas State University

Where is Kansas Wesleyan University?

Kansas Wesleyan University is located in the state of Kansas.

Who won in the 1996 cotton bowl?

kansas state university kansas state university

When was the last time Kansas state beat university of kansas 2 times in a season in mens basketball?

I could be wrong but i think it was the 1988 season.

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