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Q: What is Jim Hunter's nickname?
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What is Jim Bridgers nickname?

Jim Bridger's nickname was "Old Gabe". Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming is "Old Man of the Mountain"!

What was Jim Thorpe's nickname?


What is Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming?

Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming is "Old Man of the Mountain"!

What is Jim tressel nickname?

The Vest

What is Jim Carrey's nickname?

Answer:his nickname is...Jimhis real name is James

Why doesn't the slave hunters get Jim in the book huckleberry Finn?

Huck Finn rows out in a canoe to a boat that has two slave hunters. When Huck Finn is approached by the slave hunters, he says that his father, mother, and sister, Mary Ann, all have small pox. However, this is just a tall tale that Huck makes up, because he doesn't want the slave hunters to go near the raft which Jim is on. Therefore, the slave hunters are afraid to go near the raft and don't capture Jim.

What is Jim Bob Duggar's middle name?

Jim Bob Duggar's middle name is Robert, which is actually what "Bob" is for. His full name is James Robert Duggar and "Jim" is a nickname for James and "Bob" is a nickname for Robert, hence Jim Bob.

What is the nickname for the group of pilots who fly into the eye of a hurricane?

Hurricane Hunters

What is your name if your name if your nickname is Jim?

Usually Jim or Jimmy is short for James

What is James Fannin nickname?


Why don't the slaves hunters get Jim?

Because he saved Tom

Who was the late catfish hunters first name?

James (Jim).

What is the nickname for a group of pilots who fly into the eye of a hurricane?

doughnuts ==Or...== Hurricane Hunters

What was Dr Leonard McCoy's nickname for Captain Kirk?

Jim. Bones was Kirk's nickname for McCoy.

How did Jim palmer get the nickname cakes?

Palmer gets his "Cakes" nickname for his love of eating pancakes.

What is James bowie nickname?

Jim bowie

Why don't the slave hunters find Jim?

Because they cant find him

Explain the difference between huck and the hunters?

Huck is trying to let Jim have freedom and the hunters are looking for some runaway slaves to catch.

Did Jim Henson have a nickname?

Well yes and no, depending on what you think. His actual name was James, but people called him, or nicknamed him, "Jim" or sometimes called him, "Jimmy." But no, he did not have a nickname nickname. Nothing like "Puppet boy" or something. It's just the name that most people know him by (Jim) is actually a nickname, not his real name (James.) Hope I helped.

What is Jim's nickname for Tom in The Glass Menagerie?


What is the nickname for the grouping of pilots who fly into the eye of the hurricane to gather data?

They are called hurricane hunters.

What was gene wilder's nickname in blazing saddles?

The Waco Kid. His (the character's) actual name was Jim, but most people called him...Jim.

What bad luck after Huck touches the snakeskin?

Huck is interrogated by the bounty hunters for Jim.

Whats the coolest nickname you can think of?

Jim Bob Sherwood

James Eugene Carrey- how did he get Jim?

Ahem- Jim happens to be the most common nickname for the masculine given name James.