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Q: What is Jenna ortega's favourite basketball team?
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What is TI's favourite basketball team?

Barcelona Regal

Does WWE Dave batista have a favorite basketball and baseball team?

Dave Batista's favourite basketball team is Lakers

What is Justin Bieber's favourite basketball teem?

Los Angeles Lakers ! Amazing team!

What is chris browns favourite player on the Miami Heat basketball team?

Dwayne wade

How do you play more in basketball games when your the best on the team but your coach only plays favorites?

become his favourite :)

Is the basketball team or baseball team better in Connecticut?


What is one basketball team?

The LA Lakers are a basketball team.

Why isn't there a Pittsburgh basketball team?

There is a basketball team: The Pittsburgh Panthers!

Is vikings a basketball team?

no theirs a football team but no basketball Vikings.

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by basketball players?

The jordan team

Who is Justin Bieber's favorite Basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is suns basketball

When did Team USA Basketball happen?

Team USA Basketball happened in 1992.