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I GET BUCKETS TV strives to provide coverage of the top Basketball prospects in the New England Area. I GET BUCKETS TV provides articles, interviews, and mixtapes keeping you up to date on these future College Basketball players. In addition to highlights, they run an ELITE AAU basketball program called BUCKET GODS ELITE beginning this Spring (2016) for classes 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017. They strive to give all of their players the most college exposure possible to aid in the recruiting process.

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Yes. The I GET BUCKETS TV mixtape company does run BUCKET GODS ELITE and are both operated in the same headquarters in Woburn MA.

Where is the I GET BUCKETS TV practice facility located?

The I GET BUCKETS TV practice facility and headquarters of BUCKET GODS ELITE is located in Woburn MA. The exact address is unknown. It is believed that the exact location is underground beneath the Woburn Boston Sports Club.

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Starting this spring 2016, BUCKET GODS ELITE will be playing on the Nike EYBL circuit. With the help of 2019 point guard Sean Lucey, the Gods will make a run at their very first Peach Jam. Other key components of their squad include 2017 Ben Mcghee, 2017 Fuego Phil DeOliveira, and 2017 Azikiwe Babangida. Look for the BUCKET GODS to make an Immediate impact as they have been training everyday at the I GET BUCKETS TV practice facility in Woburn MA. The entire I GET BUCKETS TV STAFF has been preparing relentlessly for this spring.

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