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Q: What is Football record of Miami Florida Football vs University of Texas Football?
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What College football team has the most consecutive wins at home?

University of Miami,Florida. 58 consecutive wins,an NCAA Record

Where have the most university football players been arrested?

The University of Miami (Florida)

Which football teams do girls aloud support?

girls can support any team they want but personal i would support Miami Dolphins(football) Miami Heat (basketball) University of Miami (college football) and University of Florida (college football) Ps) im from Florida

What 2 teams battle for the seminole war canoe in football?

University of Florida and University of Miami

What is the win-loss record between the University of Florida and Florida State University?

As of the 2008 season, Miami leads the series 30-22.

What is the win loss record between University of Florida and Florida state university?

As of the 2008 season, Miami leads the series 30-22.

Is Miami University and University of Miami the samecollege?

yes, they are the same college. No NOT at All. Miami University is in Oxford, Ohio and was founded in 1809. Miami University was a univerity before Florida was a state. Is is sometimes know as "Miami of Ohio" among football fans, but the official name is Miami University. The University of Miami is in Miami Flordia.

How many division 1-a football teams in Florida?

7 Teams from Florida competed in division 1-A football during the 2008 season: Florida Atlantic University Owls Florida International University Golden Panthers Florida State University Seminoles University of Central Florida Knights University of Florida Gators University of South Florida Bulls University of Miami Hurricanes

Who are the University of Miami's sports rivals?

In football, Florida State is Miami's biggest rival. Notre Dame, Florida and more recently, Ohio State, are others.

Who has the most wins in the Florida State University vs Miami-Florida football series?

As of the 2008 season, Miami leads the all time series 28-25.

what is a sport team in Florida?

Tampa Bay - Buccaneers Miami - Dolphins Green Bay - Packers

What is the win-loss record between the University of Miami and the University of Florida?

They have played 53 times from 1938 through 2004. Florida has won 25 times and Miami has won 28. ...through the 2006 season, with 28 wins to Florida's 25 wins.