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the colour is white and has a badge with 3 loins

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Q: What is England's home strip?
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In the world cup will England play in home or away strip?

England are playing in there home strip

What building is known for its clock tower but is also home to englands parliament?

Palace of Westminster

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Who was Englands leader?

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Is englands energy imported or exported?

Most of Englands energy is imported.

Where does a comic strip artist work?

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What is the name of the building that houses a famous clock and is also home to englands Parliament?

The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster is the home of Big Ben and the rest of the building houses the UK Parliament.

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What is englands biggest win in rugby union?

Beating Australia on Australia's home ground to win the world cup with heroics performed by Johnny Wilkenson.

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Who are Englands allies?

It is France

What is Englands legislature?


What is englands emblem?

A rose

What is Englands capitail?


What is Englands nationality?


Who is the queen of englands husband?

Prince Phillip.

Was Liverpool englands capital?


What is englands national meal?

Fish and chips

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