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Not just the biggest test ground, but the biggest cricket ground; the Kennington Oval.

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Q: What is England's biggest test cricket ground?
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How many of test cricket Ground in the world?

105 cricket grounds in the world

What are the second test cricket dates at Lords cricket ground in England in 2009?

Where is wanderers test cricket ground located?

South Africa

Where is the boxing day cricket test match played?

Melbourne Cricket Ground, otherwise known as the MCG

First cricket test match played between which coun?

Australia and England in 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Where are the ashes played?

At any recognized Test Cricket Ground in England or Australia.

What is the size of the ground in a t20 match?

Same as normal ODI and test cricket...

Length of biggest boundaries in cricket?

Kensington Oval had the largest playing area at any test venue. That record is now held by the Gaddafi Stadium in Pakistan which is the largest in terms of Capacity.

Who made the first century in test cricket?

Charles Bannerman made 165 (retired hurt) for Australia in the first cricket test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, during the match between Australia and England in March 1877.

What is englands lowest test score?


When and where was the 2000th Cricket Test Match played?

The 2000th match of the Test Cricket history was played at Lords Cricket Ground, London from 21st July to 25th July, 2011 between India and England. This was also the 100th Test Match between India & England.

What is don bradmans biggest achievement?

Don bradman has highest average in test cricket. It was almost 100!!