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Q: What is Dwyane Wade's career high in rebounds?
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How many rebounds did Lebron James average in the 2009 season?

7.6 rebounds per game. career average of 7.0 rebounds per game. season high for '09 would be 15 rebounds. career high rebounding would be 19.

What is Dwyane Wade's career high in assists?


What is wilts game high rebounds in one game?

His career high rebounds is also the leagues most rebound during a single game which is 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston celtics

What are the most rebounds Dennis Rodman had in a single game?

Dennis Rodman had a career high of 34 rebounds, while playing with the Detroit Pistons against the Indiana Pacers on March 3, 1992.Rodman's career high in offensive rebounds in one game is 18. He achieved it in the same game as he had his career high in total rebounds in one game.His career high for defensive rebound in one game, is 23. Which he achieved on January 22, 1994, while playing with the San Antonio Spurs against the Dallas Mavericks.

What is Kevin garnetts career high in rebounds for one game?

25, he did it two times

Most rebounds in a game by Dwight Howard?

From Wikipedia: "On 15 April 2006, he recorded a career-high 26 rebounds against the Philadelphia 76ers."

Dwyane wade career high?

Dwyane Wade's career high was ...Points-55 vs the new york knicksAssists- 16 vs the pistonsRebounds- 11 vs 5 teamsSteals- 7 vs Cleveland

What was the most points scored by dwyane wade and LeBron James?

According to, Dwyane Wade's career high (season) points in a game is 55. LeBron James' career high for points in a game (season) is 56

What is chauncey billups's career high?

Points: 37 Rebounds: 12 Assists: 19 Steals: 7 Blocks: 3

What is LeBron James' career high rebounds in a game?

19. In a game against the Charlotte Bobcats (January 11, 2008).

How many rebounds does Chris Bosh have?

Career Rebounds per Game: 9.1 Highest Rebounds per Game in a Season: 10.8, 2010 while playing for Toronto Season High for 2011-12 NBA Season: 16 against Atlanta Hawks February 12, 2012

What is Dwyane Wade's career high in scoring?

55 points, achieved against the New York Knicks on April 12, 2009

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