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Dider Drogba is most known for playing professional soccer, or as the Europeans call it, Football. Drogba is 35 years old and has played soccer for 5 different teams.

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Q: What is Dider Drogba most known for?
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Where does dider drogba live?

Dider Drogba lives around Chelsea.

Who has scored most goals for Chelsea?

dider drogba gangster

Who is the richest African football player?

It is most likely dider Drogba.

Who is the most Africa football paid?

It is dider Drogba followed by Michael essien.

What team does dider drogba support?


Who is the best ever African footballer?

Dider Drogba

What number does dider drgba wear?

Dider Drogba plays for Chelsea and wears the number 11 on his shirt

Which international team does drogba plays?

The Ivorian Coast footballer dider drogba plays for Chelsea.

Highest paid player in Chelsea 2010?

It is Dider drogba.

Who richest footballer in Africa?

It is dider drogba of the Ivory Coast.

What no does didier drogba wear?

Dider Drogba Wears The Number 11 Shirt For Chelsea Football Club

Who is the premier league top goal scorer?

It is dider Drogba of Chelsea.

How many red cards has dider drogba had?

3 times people

Top richest footballer in Africa?

It is Dider drogba from the Ivory Coast.

Who was the last Chelsea fc hatrick scorer?

It could be Dider Drogba.

Richest footballers in Africa?

The richest is dider drogba of the Ivory coast and Chelsea.

5 famous African people alive or dead?

Nelson Mandela Dider Drogba

Who is best African football player of 2009-2010?

It has 6to be Dider Drogba of Chelsea.

Who is the richest African player in Europe?

The richest African footballer in England is Dider Drogba.

Who is drogba?

drogba is Dider Drogba. He comes from the Czech Republic and plays for the Chelsea football club in england. Actually he's from Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), but the rest is true.

Where about in the world does didier drogba com from?

Dider Drogba comes from west Africa(Ivory-coast)cote-d'ivoire ,french is the first language

Who is likely to win the golden boot in the PL?

In the E.P.L the footballer most likely to win the golden boot is Wayne Rooney or dider Drogba.

Who is the best player at Chelsea?

This is my opinion it is between Frank Lampard and Dider drogba, both are top scorers in the E.P.L. But Drogba has been on top for years.

Who scored first hat trick in premier league on sky?

Dider Drogba against Wolverhampton Wonderers

Who is the highest paid association player in Africa?

It is close between Samuel Etoo, Dider Drogba and Michael Essien.