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Derek Jeter's 2009 salary was $21,600,000. And the Baseball season is 162 games long (excluding playoffs and spring training).

So Jeter makes (approximately) $133,333 for each game of the regular season.

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Derek Jeter has played shortstop for the New York Yankees since 1996. Here's his yearly salary:

1996- $120,000

1997- $540,000

1998- $750,000

1999- $5 mil

2000- $10 mil

2001- $12.6 mil

2002- $14.6 mil

2003- $15.6 mil

2004- $18.6 mil

2005- $19.6 mil

2006- $20.6 mil

2007- $21.6 mil

2008- $21.6 mil

2009- $21.6 mil

2010- $22.6 mil

2011- $14,729,364

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The best estimate is about a quarter of a billion dollars. This does not include future earnings, or any money made from endorsement deals.

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In 2010, Derek Jeter's salary was $22,600,000.

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Q: What is Derek Jeter's annual salary?
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