What is Dallas record when playing on Thanksgiving?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Through the 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys are 29-17-1 in games played on Thanksgiving Day.

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Q: What is Dallas record when playing on Thanksgiving?
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What's the Dallas Cowboys' record on Thanksgiving?

Through the 2017 season, the Dallas Cowboys are 30-19-1 in Thanksgiving Day games.

Are the Dallas Cowboys playing the gobble game this year?

Yes. They are playing on Thanksgiving Day against Oakland.

What is the Dallas Cowboys touchdown passing record?

29 Touchdowns by Tony Romo broken on Thanksgiving 29 Touchdowns by Tony Romo broken on Thanksgiving

Will Dallas or Detroit ever NOT host a Thanksgiving Day game?

no detroit and dallas will always play on thanksgiving.

How does Dallas celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dallas, at least pro football fans and the Dallas Cowboys, celebrate Thanksgiving with football. The Cowboys host a home game every Thanksgiving. And those who are not Dallas Cowboys fans, if there are any in Dallas, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as the rest of the country, by getting together with family for a big turkey dinner.

What is the Detroit Lions record vs the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving?

From 1934 to 2010, the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day record stands at 33-36-2.

When was the last Dallas loss on Thanksgiving?

On Thursday, November 26, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium, 33-14. The Cowboys' overall record on the holiday is 29-18-1.

Who was the half time entertainment at dallas on thanksgiving?


In 2007 who did the Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving?


Who does Dallas Cowboys play Thanksgiving Day?


Who are the colts playing on thanksgiving?

The Colts aren't playing a game on Thanksgiving this year (2014), but they will be playing the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Sunday (Nov 30th).

Is Dallas Maverick playing and who are they playing?

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