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Their longest is 8

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Q: What is Dallas Cowboys longest playoff streak?
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What is the longest losing streak in the nfl since a playoff win?

The Detroit Lions, Followed by an unexpected team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Which nfl team has the longest current sellout streak?

Dallas Cowboys

What is the longest playoff streak in the NFL?


What NFL teams have the longest playoff streak?

Indianapolis Colts

Which NFL team has the longest playoff streak?


What is the longest winning streak in the cowboys-giants series held by the boys?

12 - Did you know: dallas 10-27-74 to10-5-80

What was the longest New Orleans Saints playoff losing streak?

10 years

What is the longest consecutive playoff winning streak by what team and what year in MLB?

Yankees 54-62

What team has longest playoff appearance streak?

Currently... The Detroit Red Wings (20 years straight and continuing).

How many times in a row has Dallas beaten Washington?

The Cowboys' longest win streak against their NFC East rivals was 10 consecutive games between November 16, 1997 and November 28, 2002.

What University currently owns the longest home game winning streak in Division 1 football?

BYU currently holds the longest home game winning streak in college football with 18 wins

Who has the longest win streak between the cowboys vs redskins?

From 1997 through 2002, the Cowboys won 10 straight, and 14 of 15 through 2004.