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Cory Emmerton is number 25 on the Detroit Red Wings.

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Q: What is Cory Emmerton's number on the Detroit Red Wings?
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What is Cory Greenwood's number on the Detroit Lions?

Cory Greenwood is number 53 on the Detroit Lions.

What NHL team does Cory Emmerton play for?

Cory Emmerton plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

What position does Cory Emmerton play?

Cory Emmerton plays center for the Detroit Red Wings.

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What NFL team does Cory Greenwood play for?

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What is Cory Grissom's number on the England Patriots?

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What is Cory Redding's number on the Indianapolis Colts?

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What is Cory Jefferson's number on the San Antonio Spurs?

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What is Cory Joseph's number on the San Antonio Spurs?

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What is Cory Rasmus's number on the Los Angeles Angels?

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What is Cory Harkey's number on the St. Louis Rams?

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What is the phone number of the Miller-Cory House Museum in Westfield New Jersey?

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Who wore jersey number 78 in the Detroit Lions team?

The two most noteworthy players to have worn number 78 for the Detroit Lions were defensive end Darris McCord (1955-67) and defensive tackle Doug English (1975-79, 1981-85). More recently, defensive lineman Cory Redding sported number 78 for the Lions from 2003-08.

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What is the average salary of the Detroit Red Wings?

The average salary of all the Red Wings players for the 2011-12 season came to just over $2.1 million, according to This ranges from the lowest paid players at $525,000 (forward Cory Emmerton, defenseman Doug Janik, and goalie Jordan Pearce) to the highest-paid player at $6.7 million (forward Pavel Datsyuk).