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Q: What is Cleveland Indians triple A team?
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Does Buffalo have a baseball team?

Buffalo has a Triple A team called the Bisons that is affliated with the Cleveland Indians. The minor league team was founded in 1979.

What is the team salary for the Cleveland Indians?

The Cleveland Indians's 2014 team salary is $81150800, 25th in the MLB.

What team is the Triple A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians?

The Buffalo Bison of Buffalo, NY are the AAA affiliates of the Cleveland Indians. They are part of the International league and play in Dunn Tire Park stadium located in downtown Buffalo, NY.

What baseball team plays in Cleveland?

Cleveland Indians

What is Indians baseball team name?

Cleveland Indians

What town has the team the Indians?


Indians baseball team what city do in they play?

Cleveland Indians

How many triple plays have there been in Cleveland Indians history?


What team is grady sizemore on?

Cleveland Indians

What baseball team starts with a i?

Indians (Cleveland)

Where does Trevar Basur play baseball for?

As of August 17, 2013, Trevor Bauer is a Starting Pitcher that is a part of the Cleveland Indians organization however he is currently with the Indians' Triple A team which is called the Columbus Clippers.

A baseball team that its team name starts with the letter I?

Indians (Cleveland)