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The Epsom Oaks.

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Q: What is Classic horse race first run in 1779?
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Which is the longest classic horse race in the UK?

st leger

Which was the earliest of the English classic horse races?

The Derby was the earliest of the English classic horse races. They are also referred to as the Derby Stakes or the Epsom Derby. Their first race dates back to 1661.

What is the oldest Classic Horse Race is it the Derby the Oaks the St Leger?

st leger

When is zenatta the horse is going to race?

Since her win in the Breeders Cup Classic, the owners said she is not likely to ever race again.

What is the oldest horse race in the world?

Pleasanton 1858 Chester Race Course in the UK. First documented horse race was in 1539.

Where was the first Horse Race?

chester UK

Why are they called classic horse races?

They are called classic horse races because the year before they were sold at a thoroughbred sale called the Sydney classic yearling sale and all horses that were nominated for that sale can come back and run in the race and can win money. Horses in this race can only be from one of the many sales.

In a horse race how many different finishes among the first three places are possible for a ten-horse race?


Who was the first to win a horse race?

A cave man.

What is breaking a maiden in horse racing?

Breaking your maiden in horse racing means that you won your first race. Your maiden race is every race you enter until you win a race.

What channel is the Breeders Cup Classic Horse Race going to be on TV this year 2008?

I know it will at least be on ESPN.

What happens to a horse in a dead heat?

It means the horse has tied for first place with another horse in a race.

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