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Q: What is Brett favre career win loss record against Detroit Lions at home?
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How many times has Brett Favre lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Brett Favre has a 2-3 career starting record against the Steelers.

What is Brett Favre's record against the cowboys?

Favre is 4-9 in career games played against the Dallas Cowboys. The total includes regular-season and playoff appearances.

What is Brett favre career record on monday night football?


What NFL quarterback has a record for career interceptions?

Through the 2009 season, that is Brett Favre with 317 career interceptions.

What is Brett Favre's record against the packers?

2 - 2.

What is the Dallas Cowboys record against Brett Favre?

Brett Favre has faced the Dallas Cowboys 13 times in his career, including regular-season and postseason games. In those meetings, the Cowboys have been victorious nine times.

Has Brett Favre won against Dallas?

Brett Farve has never won in Dallas, despite his lengthy NFL career!

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most career touchdown passes thrown?

Brett Favre holds the record for most career touchdown passes with 508. He officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL on January 17, 2011.As of January 03, 2010, Brett Favre has thrown 497 career touchdown passes. He threw for 33 touchdowns in 2009 with only 7 interceptions.He threw for an avg of 7.9 yards per pass, the most in his career. His QB rating of 107.2 was the highest in his career.-------------As of September 30, 2007, Brett Favre has the most NFL touchdown passes with a total of 421.Brett Favre with 508 touchdown passes

What quarterback has the most career completions?

Brett Favre, who holds virtually every career record for a quarterback, had 6,300 lifetime pass completions.

What is Brett favre's career win loss record?

From his first win on January 8, 1994 in an NFC wild card game against Detroit, Packers 28, Detroit 24 to his NFC Championship loss to the Saints 31-28 in overtime in 2009, Brett has compiled a post season record of 13-11 in 24 games. 9 of those wins came during the seasons leading up to and including back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. Since the loss to Denver in Super Bowl XXXII his record is 4-7.

Career passing yardage record holder before Favre?

Brett Favre broke the career passing yardage record of Dan Marino. As of the end of the 2007 season, Favre has 61,657 career passing yards. Marino ended his career with 61,361.

Against what NFL team did Brett Favre attempt his first career passes?

The Atlanta Falcons