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402-yard game at Chicago in 1993.

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Q: What is Brett Favre's personal best for passing yards in a game?
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Who has the most yards passing?

This record is currently held by Brett Favre with 61,655 yards passing.

How many total yards did Brett Favre have in his career?

Brett Favre had 71,838 total passing yards and 1,844 total rushing yards for his career.

Does Brett Favre have the most passing yards?

Yes as of May 22nd he has 69,329 career passing yards. Dan Marino is 2nd with 61,361 yards.

What is Brett Favre's personal best for passing yards in a game as a JET?

Favre played one season with the Jets (2008) and the most passing yards he had in a game that season was 290 against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 26.

How many passing yards did Brett Favre throw with the New York Jets?

3,472 yards

Who broke the record for the most passing yards?

Brett Favre in 2007.

What quarterback in the nfl holds the record for the most yards passing?

Brett Farve

Who has most playoff passing yards Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers

Who is the NFL career leader in passing yards?

According to my research, it should be Brett Farve.

Who has the most passing yards in an NFL single season?

As of the 2008 season, in the NFL the most passing yards in a single season is 5,084 by Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins in 1984.

Who is the Packers all time leader in passing yardage?

Through the 9th game of the 2007 season, Brett Favre has 60,257 yards passing

Are there any records that Brett Favre has not broken?

yes dan marinos record for passing yards in a season