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Brent Seabrook is number 7 on the Chicago Blackhawks.

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2014-07-02 18:33:12
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Q: What is Brent Seabrook's number on the Chicago Blackhawks?
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What NHL team does Brent Seabrook play for?

Brent Seabrook plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

What position does Brent Seabrook play?

Brent Seabrook plays defense for the Chicago Blackhawks.

What is brent seabrooks middle name?

Brent Seabrook does not have a middle name.

What are the Chicago Blackhawks alternate captains?

Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp. (Brent Seabrook if one of those is injured.)

How many of the Canadian born players in the Chicago Blackhawks were also on the 2010 Canadian Olympic hockey team?

3: Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook

Who wore number 7 for the Chicago Black hawks?

Brent Seabrook

Who was the 2008 Chicago Blackhawks team captain?

When Martin Lapointe was traded, the Hawks went with four alternates, Brent Sopel, Brent Seabrook, Robert Lang, and Patrick Sharp. I stand to be corrected ,but I understand they won't select a new captain until next season.

What nicknames does Brent Kado go by?

Brent Kado goes by Avant Chicago.

Which Canadians are playing for Chicago Blackhawks?

Most of the Blackhawks are from Canada,yes.This answer will change but recently,(2011),these are the Canadians:Bryan Bickell,Dave Bolland,Troy Brouwer,Ryan Johnson,Fernando Pisani,John Scott,Patrick Sharp,Jonathan Toews,Brian Campbell,Chris Campoli,Jordan Hendry,Duncan Keith,Brent Seabrook,Corey Crawford,and Marty Turco.For recent team changes,check the Chicago Blackhawk's website.

When was Lynton Brent born?

Lynton Brent was born on August 2, 1897, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Is brent corrigan HIV positive?

No Brent Corrigan is not HIV Positive. Brent gave an interview with Chicago Pride and announced he was fortunate to not get HIV from the porn industry.

What is Brent Morel's number on the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Brent Morel is number 59 on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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