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Boise State University is 388-147-2 all-time as of the end of the 2012 football season.

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Q: What is Boise State's football record the last 3 years?
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Who has the best college football home record last ten years?

Boise State

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What unlikely State university has become a nationally known football power in the last ten years?

Boise State University in Idaho has become the unlikely college football power over the last 10 years.

What is boise state's record vs SEC teams?

In the last 10 years Boise State has played four games against SEC opponents. Boise State has lost all 4. Here are the years, game scores, and final team records for those years. 2005 (10-3) Georgia 48-13 (9-4) Boise St. 2002 (9-4) Arkansas 41-14 (12-1) Boise St. 2001 (9-3) South Carolina 32-13 (8-4) Boise St. 2000 (6-6) Arkansas 38-31 (10-2) Boise St.

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michigan has the better record

What is Ohio state college football record for the last 5 years?

Ohio State's football record is 825-308-53 (.718) over their 118 year history

What is michigans record vs Wisconsin in football the last ten years?

no one cares

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